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Float: reconnect....renew....regenerate

The installation began last week. Ben and Bel braved the 7.2m height to install the plates for suspension of the mobiles.

With meticulous attention to detail, the pair installed 7 mobiles, threading 252 individual Myrnong seed sculptures on to stainless steel suspension wires.

.....while John and I watched and handed up boxes of seeds and equipment.

Photo by Heather Hesterman

All finished except for the lighting.

The setting Western sun providing magical illumination.

After the library closed we experimented with some spotlighting. I was excited to see all the seeds moving, creating sparkling circles of light.

Morning light catching the seeds. Photo by Jacek Pakula

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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Although we have been in Lock down in Victoria for quite a while now, and some important deliveries, like the copper wire have been delayed or gone missing, we are still making good progress on FLOAT.

So you know a little about the makers of the project, here 's a short video (part of my panel presentation which didn't make it into the final cut due to time restrictions.)

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I hope you and your families are managing well during this global pandemic.

A little while ago, I received on the same day, both some good news and some bad.

The good news was that my proposed artwork:



had been commissioned by the Hume City Council as the centrepiece for the recently completed Global Learning Centre in Sunbury.

The bad news was confirmation that I have multiple myeloma, for which I am currently receiving chemotherapy in preparation for an autologous stem cell bone marrow transplant later in the year. Fortunately, I am otherwise healthy, so my prospects are good, and most importantly, I am surrounded and supported by wonderful family, friends and community, helping me with both undertakings.

Thanks to the City of Hume and the Hume Arts and Culture team, for providing this exciting commission and for their generous support, including extending the time frame for the project to take account of the Covid 19 crisis and my personal health issues.

Also a shout out to the many talented artists who invested their precious time, hopes and efforts submitting proposals for this competition, and to the inspiring mentors, the RMIT Community Art and Social Transformation team.

Due to the lockdown, the shortlisted artists were asked to produce a 10-minute video instead of a live presentation to the selection panel. As I had no experience editing or producing a video, I called on my daughter Bel and husband John for help. Although they were also novices, they were up for the challenge. I applaud their efforts, especially as they had to deal with a particularly camera-shy presenter! I couldn't have won the commission without them.

Here is the video :)

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