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Earlier in the year, The Little Projector Company created a beautiful video about the Evans Street Wildflower Grasslands and my recently finished project

Float: reconnect...renew...regenerate

Thanks Lee and Ivan :)

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  • jacquie blight
Breathe……. Sunlight shining in the late summer afternoon illuminates the dying leaves of the Eucalypt, creating a rainbow of colours. These leaves, a natural wonder, convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into energy to feed the tree and produce the oxygen we need to breathe.
Light pours through the lacelike holes, a result of the Psyllids, tiny winged insects that insert their hypodermic mouthparts directly into the liquid gold. The little bugs move on to build a new shell to protect their expanding bodies, the cells in the leaves die and the holes form.
But nature is in delicate balance. I smile when I hear the crack crack sound of the Pardalotes expertly removing the lerps and the Psyllid nymphs, to make a perfect meal for their young.
I breathe, The leaves turn, The sun catches the intricate, honeydew lattice of the Psyllid’s shells, and they glow a pure crystal light.

Breathe jacquie blight 2020

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  • jacquie blight

Float: reconnect....renew....regenerate

The installation began last week. Ben and Bel braved the 7.2m height to install the plates for suspension of the mobiles.

With meticulous attention to detail, the pair installed 7 mobiles, threading 252 individual Myrnong seed sculptures on to stainless steel suspension wires.

.....while John and I watched and handed up boxes of seeds and equipment.

Photo by Heather Hesterman

All finished except for the lighting.

The setting Western sun providing magical illumination.

After the library closed we experimented with some spotlighting. I was excited to see all the seeds moving, creating sparkling circles of light.

Morning light catching the seeds. Photo by Jacek Pakula

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