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  • jacquie blight

The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2021 Finalist

Breathe……. Sunlight shining in the late summer afternoon illuminates the dying leaves of the Eucalypt, creating a rainbow of colours. These leaves, a natural wonder, convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into energy to feed the tree and produce the oxygen we need to breathe.
Light pours through the lacelike holes, a result of the Psyllids, tiny winged insects that insert their hypodermic mouthparts directly into the liquid gold. The little bugs move on to build a new shell to protect their expanding bodies, the cells in the leaves die and the holes form.
But nature is in delicate balance. I smile when I hear the crack crack sound of the Pardalotes expertly removing the lerps and the Psyllid nymphs, to make a perfect meal for their young.
I breathe, The leaves turn, The sun catches the intricate, honeydew lattice of the Psyllid’s shells, and they glow a pure crystal light.

Breathe jacquie blight 2020

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