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  • jacquie blight

The arts and culture team at Hume City Council commissioned this short documentary from LightWorks. Light Works was founded by Nick Scott and Lee Ramseyer Bache. Lee and Nick, collaborators since 2003, describe their videos as "regenerative films for a time when we need to reimagine and rebuild everything".

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  • jacquie

I have recently completed Illuminating the Grasslands for the City of Hume. The artwork is currently being exhibited as part of the Sunbury Cultural Commissions exhibition at the new Hume Global Learning Centre Sunbury. The exhibition is open until February 9th 2020.

Illuminating the Grasslands is intended to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the Evans Street Wildflower Grasslands in Sunbury, and encourage people of all ages to visit the site, take a closer look, find out more, fall in love.

A big thank you to the City of Hume for investing in its local artists. It was an amazing and rewarding experience to work, share ideas and spend time with the other 9 selected artists. Particular thanks to Anna Clabburn, my public art mentors from RMIT Contemporary Art and Social Transformation Team, Fiona Hillary and Heather Hesterman, and the wonderful George Evans Museum volunteers.

Illuminating the Grasslands - 2125 x 840 mm CNC engraved acrylic sheet, acrylic paint on form ply, LED lighting, aluminium.

CNC routing, prototyping and technical support: Kaber

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