The arrival………of the raven
Godwin Bradbeer

Not only is Godwin Bradbeer a brilliant and highly regarded artists, but he is an inspirational and much loved teacher.  Less well known is his gift for writing poetry.  It was his poem “the raven” which sparked my imagination, and helped me to solve the conundrum of his portrait.
I set out to paint Godwin as a full figure, slim and agile, waving his hands expressively as he talked about his art.  But the more time I spent with him, the more I became fascinated with his thoughts and ideas, his art and poetry; his creativity.  These things come from a stillness within.
So I chose to paint Godwin in profile, his eyes not engaged with the viewer, but staring into the screen inside his mind.  I used the raven, as a metaphor for the moment of artistic creation - out of the darkness comes the light.  

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD Hidden Faces of the Archibald 2014

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